Brother Michael Faircloth, a 24 year member, passed away August 26th. Our thoughts and prayer are with his family.

DA # 459

Brother Danny Price, a 48 year member, and 15 year Business Manager, passed away May 1. Our thoughts and prayers to the family.

DA # 458


List of officers

Business Manager and Financial Secretary

Edward (Eddie) Sellew



Mark (Mullet) Burnett


Vice President

Colin O’Shea


Recording Secretary

Samuel (Sam) Bankester


Inside Guard

John (T John) Ladnier III


Executive Board

James Estes

Kenneth (Kenny) Hayes

Stephen (Steve) Ridgeway

John Ladnier Jr.


Finance Committee

Kerry Reed

John Purvis

Adam Lawson


Trustees of Local 119

Kenneth (Kenny) Hayes

William (Jordan) Steele

Joshua Dees

Bryan (Mississippi) Randall


Trustees for Health/Welfare And Pension Funds

Alan Polk

Mark (Mullet) Burnett


Examining Board

Pipefitting: Patrick (Pat) O’Shea

Plumbing: James Estes


Alabama Pipe Trades Delegate

Samuel (Sam) Bankester